AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

Getting rid of all the paper waste is not at all an easy job to do. So better shred them all away with the help of an efficient paper shredder. The most popular choice presently available in the market right now is the AmazonBasics paper Shredder.


bonsaii paper shredderThis machine is extremely helpful for disposing off all your paper waste and converting it into small shredded pieces for the better. This machine comes along with a user manual guide in order to provide you better idea about the functions as well as the usage of this device. You can also get some of the assistance about the installation process as well form the user-manual. The manufacturers of this product also provide you the technical and customer care support whenever required. This device is meant to cross cut your paper sheets and convert it into pieces. It has the capacity to shred six paper sheets at a time. It can also be helpful for destroying your credit cards but can ruin them with the capacity of one card at a time. The paper after it is completely shredded with this machine measures about 7/32 inches by 1 27/32 inches. This machine is able to provide you a continuous run-time of about two minutes along with the cool down time of about thirty seconds.


  • This device comes along with an additional year long warranty. It is meant to cover all your early damage repairs.
  • The capacity of the waste bin is about 4.1 gallon. It does not require to be emptied on the regular basis.
  • The LED indicator on this device informs you about the overheating.
  • It can offer you a continuous run time of about three minutes.
  • This device is extremely easy to be used and offers you simple operation.
  • It is compact and also can be assembled without any problem.
  • Storage is not an issue for this particular device.


  • There are no major drawbacks of this particular paper shredder.


The AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder provides you the facility to shred off six papers at once. Also it allows you to destroy all your old cards in order to avoid their misuse. This device is available for you at an extremely affordable price and is surely the most valuable deal that you can get.

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